Alcoa Corporate Event Photographer

Since 2007 I have been lucky enough to photograph Alcoa’s largest event of the year.  Alcoa, Inc is the world’s largest aluminum manufacturer!  Products range from beverage cans to aluminum in cars, planes and satellites!  I look forward to this job every year!

This year’s event began with bowling, laser tag and billiards, all to raise money for various non-profits:

non-profit corporate event photographerIt was a great opening night reception and event!  The next day was full of meetings and presentations during the day:

corporate and event photographerI thoroughly enjoyed the motivational speaker, Peter Guber.  He recently wrote the book, ‘Tell to Win‘ reminding folks the power of story telling.  His resume is even more impressive than his message…studio chief at Columbia Pictures, CEO of Sony Pictures, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group, co-owner of the Gold State Warriors, professor at UCLA…among others!

One of the neatest things during the day was a Q&A session.  I’ve photographed many of these throughout the years, but one of the coolest aspects of this one was that the speaker on stage threw a football to whoever was asking the question, and inside the football was a wireless mic!!  Then after the question, the person threw it back on stage.. Fun touch!  Plus, I’m pretty sure people started coming up with questions JUST so they could play catch!

Wireless microphone event photographyThe main event took place in the evening.  Great dinner, followed by the awards presentations and reception.  It’s quite a big deal to earn one of these awards so there was plenty of excitement and celebrating… Here’s what the room looked like:

destination corporate event photographyMost of the events took place in the Pittsburgh Westin and the Fairmont, but on a spare few hours I was able to take some shots around the town:

Pittsburgh event photographer

I sure enjoy corporate event photography!  Thanks for checking out the pictures, Jensen

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